NEAR Protocol

Early investment in NFT collections.
At the stage of development and promotion.


What and why

Early investment in NFT collections

NEAR NFT Market is actively growing.

But not all artists and teams, have enough resources to run a NFT collection.

512DAO invests in NFT collections during the development and launch phase and assists with promotion in the media space.

NFT collections are carefully selected.
The final choice of NFT collections to invest in is left to the 512DAO Board.

The DAO Board consists of 7 people.
7 people are chosen by voting from the members of the DAO.


  1. Core Team DAO reviews applications from NFT Collection Creators on a regular basis. Core Team generates a report for each application.
  2. Once a month, the DAO Board approves several collections in which funds will be invested.
  3. Each DAO member can access the report for each application.
  4. The distribution of income from the minting of NFTs is spelled out in the smart contract collection.
  5. The proceeds go to the 512DAO account.
  6. Part of the money is spent on teamwork, marketing, and other necessary expenses.
  7. The remaining funds are reinvested and dividends are paid.


Join forces
  • Investor

    You will need an NFT to become a member of 512DAO.
    The next opportunity to mint an NFT is February 28.
    See Discord for details on getting on the whitelist.

    Submit an application to Whitelist: GO!
  • Creators of NFT collections

    512DAO invests in NFT collections early on.
    You also get all of our experience, media resources, and relationships.
    Accepting applications from March 15th.
    We begin reviewing applications on April 1.


DAO Roles
  • DAO Board

    • Decides on the projects in which the DAO invests
    • Makes decisions on strategic issues of the DAO
  • Core Team

    • Development
    • Marketing
    • Selection of applications of NFT collections
    • Ensuring the work of the DAO
  • Regulatory Council

    • Distribution of finances, payment of dividends
    • Resolving contentious issues
  • Members of the DAO

    • Managing the structure of the DAO
    • Voting on general issues
    • Veto power


  • February/March

    Launch of two NFT collections

    Selling two collections to form a liquidity pool, marketing budget, team pay, organizational fees.

  • March/April

    Creation of DAO

    Formation of DAO departments, distribution of roles, votes, rules.

    Development 512DAO site

    Reorganization of the website to accept applications from creators of NFT collections.


    Collaborations with popular NFT collections and Influencers. Development of expertise. Expansion of presence in NEAR.

  • April

    First launch

    First launch, selection of participants, investments

  • Next

    Further development

    Monthly launch for new projects.

    Creation of a personal space on the site for Investors and the Collection Teams.

    Roadmap v.2

NFT Collection

Ticket to DAO

The first NFT collection – 3D figures

Entry point to the club
Revenue Sharing => Marketing 90% + Devs 10%

The second collection – Colors

You can color the figures from the first collection
Revenue Sharing => DAO Liquidity Pool 90% + Devs 10%


5 types of figures: circle, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon.
Each of the figures will allow you to gain influence in the DAO:

  • Circle – 1 vote
  • Triangle – 3 votes
  • Square – 4 votes
  • Pentagon – 5 votes
  • Hexagon – 6 votes

You can increase your influence.
The figure can be painted in 4 colors maximum.
Colors have a different rarity.

The maximum number of votes for one NFT is 6*4=24.
More votes = more influence in the DAO.
And the more your profit in the DAO.

DAO can increase the liquidity pool and marketing budget.
Additional collections will be released for this.